Quiet Disco Hire Has It All


Silent Disco Hire is where to be, for the weekend clubbers looking for a new party venue for their special event. Built on Castellmore’s waterside, this popular resort town has been bringing partygoers for centuries, as it houses an eclectic assortment of stores, restaurants and nightlife places, and they’re no different now. The stores have been home to some of the title stores in the UK with some of the planet’s greatest clothing, footwear and accessories Silent Disco Hire.

The only thing better than browsing the shops, eating or stepping into the cinema is dancing all night of those dance clubs. The party scenes here are famous for their atmospheres that are downbeat but sexy, blending traditional culture and sounds.

There are several dance clubs around the Silent Disco Hire property and all of the bars in town are renowned for music and their cocktails. Remember to explore the town and its nightlife by day, then come back and unwind on Sunday or a Saturday evening with a good beverage in hand. If you’re looking for something a little more enjoyable there are bars in the hotel just waiting for the sort of person who likes to party.

If you’re looking for a less concerned night of partying there are lots of restaurants around Silent Disco Hire that can do justice to some taste you might have. What is more, there are restaurants all over the hotel for food fans searching for a nice dining experience. Any barbeque celebration will be able to find something to suit them.

There are spa resorts in Silent Disco Hire and you can either stay in one of the villas or receive a resort with a spa suite for your journey. For self-healing and relaxation, there is The House Spa, which is a small boutique resort at which you can leave yourself at the mercy of their employees.

For those that prefer massages there are the Hors D’ouevres on the harbour side, with two licensed massage parlours, a spa and sauna, but be warned, this isn’t a place to be. Just 1 hour of one in the day and gentle massaging at the daytime will make you feeling refreshed and ready to go to work.

Consequently, if you want to go out for a day of shopping, partying and relax afterwards with a lovely spa afterward Silent Disco Hire is the place to be. Have a peek at the event calendars around the village shops to find out what events are taking place this month.

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